How to transfer Bitcoin out of Coinbase without paying fees

For better or worse, Coinbase is somewhere that many of us go to buy our Bitcoin. And I’m betting that at some point you have been stung by the sky high Bitcoin transfer fees when you withdraw your coins… I know I have! Let us address that so you can transfer Bitcoin out of there with no damage to your pocket. Read on to find out how.


Steps to transfer Bitcoin for free

1. Go to the website This website is also owned by Coinbase and is a platform for non-noob traders.

Here it is below:



Although it’s more technical than Coinbase that we all know and love, it’s simple to ping your Bitcoin to any address free of charge.


2. Next login to GDAX using your Coinbase username and password. You may need to verify your account, but this should be relatively quick.


3. Next, press the deposit button and transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase free of charge into GDAX. This should be instant:



4. Finally press the withdraw button and you’ll see a tab where you can add a Bitcoin address. Pop in your address transfer Bitcoin for free.
You have just saved yourself some hard earned Bitcoin.


And that’s all there is to it; simple, but effective!


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