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Trade.io Exchange Reviewed

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Trade.io exchange review

Trade.io exchange is an up and coming cryptocurrency exchange which has a focus on crypto-to-crypto exchange. The platform is gaining popularity due to it’s flexible interface, lightning-quick execution and low fees. In this post – Trade.io Exchange Reviewed – I’ll be discussing why this one is a great exchange to use.

Key Features of Trade.io

Pay less

With excessive fees, exchanges eat into your hard earned profits. Trade.io has a simple fee schedule, with no fee on deposits, minimal fee on withdrawals, and simple 0.1% taker fee and free maker fee.


Trade multiple asset classes using one platform. The platform is starting with the popular cryptos including BTC, ETH, LTC. A gradually addition of tokens will take place as the platform grows. Eventually  FX, CFDs & Global Equities will be added.


Trade.io has a “24 hours or less” policy via call 24/7 email, live-chat or Telegram. Often exchanges are plagued by issues such as coins/tokens becoming locked or worse, lost. Trade.io has a level of centralisation which means the security of your assets are maximised.

How to get started

Setting up an account is easy. Simply register from the main Trade.io exchange website using your email address, a username and password. Once your email is confirmed you’re good to go.

To maintain regulatory compliance in the jurisdictions they are licensed to trade in there is a need for documentation of identity on withdrawals from all users on the platform. If these types of documents are something you cannot locate or uncomfortable providing, then this may not be the best exchange for you.

On entering the exchange, the user environment is intuitive and user friendly:

Trade.io exchange display

A great thing about the user environment is the fact that it’s fully customisable. All the elements are set out in widgets so you can drag and drop the components to suit the way you want to see information on the screen. It’s a really lean system and gives an easy to navigate experience.

To deposit tokens and make trades, Trade.io has a number of helpful how to videos here which I didn’t need to use to navigate the platform, but are very handy for beginner traders.

Liquidity Pool

A unique feature of the Trade.io platform making it an exciting option is the Liquidity Pool. If you hold 2,500 TIOs (the native token of the platform),  you’ll get paid interest (everyday) straight to your wallet.

Interested in earning free crypto pay outs – everyday! – then check out the liquidity pool here

How it works

  1. The pool is started with 50 million TIOs
  2. You loan the pool 2500 TIOs or more. And so does everyone else – it all goes in the pool.
  3. Trade.io put in 50% of our funds generated from every revenue stream. From spreads to risk positions. Even transaction and placement fees go in.
  4. Based on what the pool generates and how many other people are in with you, a daily pay out is received. And if you’ve contributed more, you get a higher percentage back.
  5. If the exchange makes a loss, nothing gets deducted from your wallet. And you can leave the pool and retrieve your tokens any day you choose.

It’s a really great idea and it’s one I’ll be using to generate some passive income. Will it make our best crypto exchanges for traders list in the future… it has the potential too!

I encourage you to you to check this one out. It’s early days, but there’s great potential for growth, development and an increasing offering of cool features like the liquidity pool.

If you want to read our latest step by step guide to using Trade.io check out this beginners guide for further information.

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