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The top 6 blockbuster cryptocurrencies for 2018

by Crypto Coin Dude
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2017 has proved to be an unbelievable year for the growth of cryptocurrencies. The gains witnessed have been startling as we have moved from a niche area of interest to a common area of interest. As new investors come into the arena of crypto, prices will continue to soar; 2018 is primed to be the age of crypto as the sector really comes into its own. So what are the top blockbuster cryptocurrency picks that you need to be part of in 2018. Here’s my top 6.




The daddy of them all. This coin can’t be over looked because the risk is that you will be left out in the cold when it starts to motor. As global finance markets converge on Bitcoin, and it becomes entrenched in these flows of finance, then the price will far exceed its current levels. No one has a crystal ball, but I’d like to think that by the end of 2018 Bitcoin will be in excess of £40,0000 dollars.

2. Aion


The Aion Network is described as a third generation network. Aion looks to solve the problems that some of the larger cryptocurrencies have with scalability, privacy and interoperability. I see this coin having blockbusting potential and currently its sits with a relatively low market cap. It hovers around the 70th position of market capitalisation in the blockchain sector and so has massive potential for growth when it delivers on its road map. Check out their promotional video:

3. Stratis


I’ve been in Stratis since the $2 range and although it is far in excess of that now its never really had the pump that some other coins have experienced.


I still believe, at some point, this coin will go crazy. I’ve written a previous post on stratis which you should check out. Since this post Stratis has had many developments: full node, Breezewallet with Tumblebit anonymizer, and what I see to be the catalyst, ICO launch capability.


Stratis have said that they have some high profile clients who will be releasing their ICO platforms using Stratis’ blockchain; this I see to be a defining factor and with plenty of room for market cap growth in 2018 this should be a banker.


4. Nav Coin


Nav coin is a sleeping giant within the cryptospace. Its been around for a while and has a solid development team. Their tech is packed full of cool features such as privacy, proof of stake, mobile wallet with inbuilt privacy, speed of transfer and polymorph where you can anonymously buy one crypto coin with another.


Where I see the explosive growth coming from is the fact that it is also an adapps platform and when this is developed, alongside a newly implemented community fund for growth, this coin will be propelled up the market cap tables.


I’ve heard a number of people cashing in on their positions in other alts and building their NAV balances which, in my opinion, is a great strategy.




IOTA can be described as an open-source distributed ledger protocol that steps beyond current blockchain technology through its core invention of the Tangle.


The Tangle is a quantum-proof directed acyclic graph that has no fees on transactions and no fixed limits on how many transactions are confirmed per second on the network.


The more people that use it the faster and more secure it becomes. Although IOTA has seen high percentage gains recently, this platform is still in its infancy and its easily conceivable that this could increase x10 beyond its current valuation. This is one for a long term hodl.


6. Ethereum



Last but not least, my top pick is Etheruem. The major strength of Etheruem is smart contracts. These are contracts that are automatically executed without any human intervention the instant their terms are met.


However, Ethereum also permits developers to build decentralized apps, also known as dapps, on top of its blockchain technology. Interestingly, the more apps are built, the more valuable the Ether becomes.


This however does bring us to a problem experienced with a range of cryptocurrencies that being scalability; perhaps best exemplified with CryptoKitties which brought the Ethereum network to a slow crawl.


That being said, the Ethereum developers are a united bunch with a focus on development, innovation and problem solving. Innovations such as sharding and off-chain transactions are in the wind to position Ethereum as the number one cryptocurrency.


Like Bitcoin, it’s one where you really don’t want to miss the boat when they evolve.


So these are my blockbuster cryptocurrencies for 2018. I would like to think if you spread your investment over these ones then you should have a good chance of having a financially rewarding 2018. The great thing about crypto is that there are so many plays, and opportunites will come forward from many areas. Do your research, make your picks and hodl like a hero: lets all enjoy the ride in 2018. If you found something of interest in this article, please share it on your favourite social media channels below.

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