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by Crypto Coin Dude


Want to get published as a guest author on cryptocoindude.com, then read this post.


From the get-go, I’ll let you know that getting published on cryptocoindude.com is hard. But hey, nothing that is worth the effort is ever easy.


I thought I’d talk a little bit here in case this gig is for you.


The first rule about posting is make yourself useful. Share some actionable tips with our readers. Give some useful insight into cryptocurrency and blockchain. The type of posts that do well are, but not limited to: 10 top ways, how to tutorials, lists, cheat sheets…


Most important you must care about tone, style and pace. Your writing will need to be in short punchy sentences. The structure of the post will need to include subheadings with a clear beginning, middle and end.


So what are we not looking for? The primary requirement is no marketing – if you want to do this visit our advertisement package page. If your post emits even a faint whiff of being a promotional piece, then you will have wasted your time in submitting. Posts should not be less than 750 words long. Backlinks out of the body of the post must to enhance the purpose of the post. Again, if there is a suggestion that backlinks are being used for back-link juice then this is a non-starter. Please run your post through a spell checker and preferably a content editor.


If you have interesting content to add to cyptocoindude.com and you take the time to produce well-written and presented work, then we really do want to reward you with a shout out.


We can add a bio box to your post with your profile picture (Gravatar linked to email address), bio details and social medial accounts. A little like this below:


Build your brand as a guest blogger on cryptocoindude.com


Here we will include two do-follow links to say thanks. To get this just put your email address, bio information and links to social profiles at the bottom of your post and we’ll do the rest.


With out any further ado, we welcome your best submission to our blog – good luck!

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