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Why Stratis may go stratospheric

by Crypto Coin Dude
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As an avid cryptocurrency investor, I’m always on the look out to diversify my portfolio away from the two big players of Bit Coin and Ethereum. Recently, I have been buying STRAT coins (the fuel of the Stratis blockchain as it is known) and I like it. I mean, I really like it. And maybe you should too… so what’s there to like?

Well many things actually.

Smart Contracts/Side Chains


Unlike Bitcoin, Stratis allows for side chains that are non-disruptive to the main blockchain. Congestion is reduced and speed is maintained. Ethereum allows for smart contracts, but unlike Stratis, they are part of the main blockchain -not so good.

I like Stratis’ approach whereby companies can move away from the main blockchain to control risk.


C# Programming Language


What I really like about Stratis is that it is built upon the C# programming language.

This is of massive benefit when it comes to companies developing their own software to gain the most benefit from a blockchain technology. Technological advancement through an army of coders using familiar programming langauges can only be of benefit moving forward.


Proof of Stake


With Stratis you don’t need a powerful rig to mine coins like what is needed with Bit Coin and Ethereum. Stratis allows you to stake your coins from which you earn interest. Brilliant! Admittedly, I have not staked coins as yet, but I have utilised their Electrum wallet to store STRAT on my computer. It is light, quick and easy to install. In comparison with other cryptocurrency wallets, I have found this one to be very user friendly indeed.


Stratis and Partners


Another string to Stratis’ bow is that it has teamed up with leading blockchain partners such as Changelly, Ledger and Microsoft Azure. In regards to the behemoth of Microsoft, the multiple functionalities of Stratis will inevitable put it in a position to be deeply intergrated into the Microsoft ecosphere.


Stratis and the Breeze Wallet


Building on fuctionailities of Statis’ platform is the move toward the Breeze Wallet: an ambitious cryptocurrency project aimed at increasing the financial privacy of users.

Innovations such as TumbleBit will be built in. As of September 2017, the Breeze Wallet has been delayed due to technical issues encountered by the development team and this has caused a price retracement in the value of STRAT coin.

Am I worried? Not at all! Speed bumps are hit all the time. And with innovation comes problem solving; I will be using this lull to top up my holdings.


The Future and Stratis


What does the future hold for Stratis? If only I had a crystal ball wouldn’t life be grand. Well at the current price of $6.5, I will be stocking up my Electrum wallet. If even a hint of the bull run that Ethereum or Bit Coin have enjoyed comes Stratis’ way, and then what might we see next: $10, $20, $50 or more?

Stratis could well be one to tuck away for the future!


If you found this post of interest, please feel free to donate a few STRAT coins to Crypto Coin Dude at




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