London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX) Reviewed

LCCX Reviewed


Hi guys ICO season is definitely upon us, and finding the next big coin or token is one of the most challenging of problems we face today. As we know BTC and ETH are precious, and when we invest, we have to make it work for us. That’s why on I only review the best plays out there. Today’s review is on the London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX) – and it’s one that I’m excited about for future growth. Read on to find out why…


What is LCCX?


LCCX are aiming to be the solution to the issues currently facing the crypto industry and are aiming to set a new standard when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges. Based in London, the goal of LCCX is to become the most trusted crypto exchange in the world.


How will LCCX achieve this?


Being the most trusted crypto exchange in the world is a noble and lofty goal, but can LCCX deliver this? From my assessment of the project and team, I believe that they are lining themselves up for a good shot! And plus, even if they only achieve a fraction of this goal early adopters stand to be well rewarded. More on that later…


LCCX have got a sensible and clear plan on how to reach their aims which covers the following actions:


LCCX plan

Check out more below:

Why I think LCCX could be a winner


If you have been reading some of my past posts, you will know that I have a position in investing in up and coming exchanges. The common perception is that the exchange sector is overcrowded, and in part this is true. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take positions in companies in this sector, and it certainly doesn’t mean that there’s not massive gains to be made.


What we need to do is only choose the strongest; the best bets that can recreate the success of Binance, Kucoin and the other exchanges that have seen massive growth trajectories. Getting in early and speculating for that future moon shot is how winners are borne.


Also I think that the UK is ripe for a serious exchange to capture a growing national and international interest in crypto. The UK is a politically stable jurisdiction and London, in particular, is a city that is at the vanguard of the global financial world. Yes, the UK will look to regulation of crypto, but I think that will only empower LCCX to establish itself as a player on a national and international stage.


At some point, a London based exchange will rise to prominence, and why not LCCX… that’s what I’m betting on.


Finally, when I’m assessing ICOs for growth, I always think can the team achieve what they are setting out. On review of the team and their range of skills and experiences, they seem to be more than capable of driving this project forward. The team are active on community boards and their Telegram is growing day by the day. Their transparency is great: open and honest discussion with investors is paramount and that’s what they are doing which is a massive tick in the right box.


Digging Deeper


In fact, I was keen to get a look under the hood and contacted Rob the Founder and of LCCX to find out what his vision was for LCCX in 3-5 years:


As a trader myself I quickly noticed that there was no regulation, no transparency and no safety when it came to clients funds in the current marketplace. LCCX will change all that and bring a new standard to the marketplace with regulation, insurance of clients funds and both crypto and fiat trading markets.

It’s an ambitious project but down the line in 3 to 5 years I feel LCCX, with its professional and trusted service will open the doors to mass market adoption of cryptocurrencies where daily trading volumes are in the trillions of dollars – Robert Benwell – Founder & CEO – LCCX


This fits in with my investment strategy. I’m a big believer in building positions and hodling for the longer term. If you want to make life changing wealth from crypto, then this strategy is your best bet. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day . If you want to flip and make short term profit, then I’m sure LCCX is a good bet. I’m not that much into good bets, I’m into great bets – play the long game. As Warren Buffet said, ‘the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient’.


In conclusion, LCCX is a great bet for an up and coming crypto exchange. I like the team. I like the road map. I like the potential of the UK blockchain scene as a national and international player. If you want to find out more, please feel free to check LCCX further:


LCCX Website 


Bitcoin Ann


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