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Crypto-games.net, one gaming site every Virtual gambler needs to try out

by Crypto Coin Dude
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The following is a sponsored post – While there are many fictitious virtual crypto-casinos out there, finding a legit one, where players can be relaxed while enjoying the fun of spinning some virtual dice or passing some poker cards, can be a daunting task even for old-time virtual gamers. Like there are tricks to every trade, so are there signs or metaphoric handwritings on the wall to look out for when choosing a legit virtual gambling site. Whether it is with fiat or cryptocurrency, those signs and clues are subtle, yet the vital information that forms the gist of this review.


Crypto-games in a nutshell


Starting out with Dogecoin as, DogecoinMachine.net, this platform was set up by a group of early crypto adopters, who have been in the blockchain sphere since 2011. This gaming site was initially a slot machine game, particularly for Dogecoin. Over the years, several other games as well as Cryptocoin where added.


The reputation of crypto games


This is one gaming site that has been around for some time now, considering the age of the crypto industry. Crypto-games.net is one of those few names that pioneered the birth and growth of virtual crypto-gaming. Established in 2014, with over 1.9 Billion bets, this is one site that has not just been sitting idly on the web.


Over 10 Cryptocurrencies to gamble


Several virtual casinos on the web that permit the use of cryptocurrencies, only allow one or two Cryptocoin, on the contrary, crypto-games.net has a long list of virtual currencies to choose from. These currencies include– Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gridcoin, Litecoin, PlayMoney, Dash, Peercoin, Monero, Stratis and several others.


Crypto-games site layout


This isn’t exactly the most attractive virtual gaming site on the internet; however, navigation on this site is user-friendly and straightforward, even for first-timers. With its responsive tabs and a set of centralized menu, well positioned in an uncluttered array, this makes the U.I very friendly for navigation. There is also a chat box to talk to other players, making the site very interactive.
There is an option to view your statistics as well as those of other players. More specifically, you can also see the statistics of the top players including most tipped, most wagered, most bids, most chat, and several other features.


A realistic low house edge


The reality of every casino either virtual or a physical casino is that, they are out to make some profit and its either they make their profit through a realistic house edge, or they make it through fictitious manipulations of game odds. Some gambling sites claim unrealistic low house edges that are unrealistic if a gaming site would make profits. The house edges at crypto-games.net are realistic and considered reasonable. Here is a list of what their house edges look like: 0.8% for dice, 1.253% for blackjack, a negative house edge of 1% for lottery (players receive 1% more), 2.7% for roulette, 1.97% for slot, 2.1% for Video Poker, and 1.7% for Plinko.


Crypto-games wagering contest


A set of 4 players with the highest wager on BTC, LTC, and ETH receive rewards every month. Also, ten players who wager the most every month on BTC, DOGE, LTC, and ETH gets a total of 6000 Lottery tickets.


Crypto-games Security


This is one place that has strict anonymity and security regulations with customers’ financial transaction. The data are well encrypted, with topnotch data encryption software, good firewalls that provide proper security, and email verification, password, and 2FA for accounts security. Finally, all withdrawals must be verified with an email confirmation.


An inbuilt exchange


With this one, they were able to nail it hard at crypto-games.net. Players can exchange coins for fiat or any of the Cryptocurrencies that are allowed on the platform, without having to visit an exchange site.


Finally, there are other cool features at crypto-games.net, like –Vouchers, Progressive Jackpot on Dice, faucet timer, a highly mobile friendly site. Finally, beyond staking on bets, there is the possibility of Investing in over nine cryptocurrencies (with a recorded investment of over 3500 BTC invested).

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