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Cryptocurrencies, the Great Fire Sale and Why I’ll be Buying More

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Over the past few weeks cryptocurrencies have taken a bashing due to market panic as a result of China declaring Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) illegal. But here’s why you shouldn’t be worried.

Like any financial system there are periods of heating and cooling. Over the past years, cryptocurrencies have witnessed stellar growth: a period of cooling off was inevitable.


This time the cooling was sparked by a Chinese regulatory boot to the nether regions; next time, it will be something else.


That something else will inevitably crawl from the ooze of the global industrial-political system. Its sinewy tentacles will probe forth and try and strangle the new forms of decentralized monetary systems that seek to revolutionise and liberate.


As we hurtle into a period of correction, this will only serve as a platform for future value increase.


Future value will be delivered by the deep sentiment, and the knowing of us who delivered cryptocurrency to the place that it is now – it will get back to the familiar path of strong gains.


So what if Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the altcoins that we have identified as the next big thing go down 10%, 20%, 30% or more… I’ll be buying them up!


I hope you will join me!


If you would like to raise the middle finger to the corrupt neoliberal-political embellishments that cling to their vampirical financial constructs then please share this post below!


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