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Coinbase Now Offers PayPal and Currency Conversions

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Coinbase Now Offers PayPal and Currency Conversions

Coinbase has established its presence as one of most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world even if its outreach has mostly been focused on the United States.

Coinbase has achieved that distinction by constantly offering easy to use features for end users. It is no secret that the purchase of cryptocurrency through credit cards helped the exchange grow significantly  during the cryptocurrency boom of 2017. Coinbase has not stopped in searching for new ways to make its offerings more lucrative for new and old customers alike.

The latest string of offerings, termed as the “12 Days of Coinbase” that promise a new announcement every day, follow the same path.

While one of the announced features has come later for Coinbase than it did for its competitors, the other remains quite innovative in its own right.

  1. Coinbase Now Offers Direct Cryptocurrency Conversions

Months after its competitors started offering direct cryptocurrency conversions, Coinbase has finally added that same feature on its platform.

Before this feature was added, if anyone had to buy a cryptocurrency such as Ether (ETH) on their Coinbase portfolio through the Bitcoin (BTC) that they held, they first had to convert their Bitcoin into fiat, and then exchange it for Ether.

But this new feature now eradicates that redundancy, and allows users to utilize the feature of direct cryptocurrency conversions.

The feature is currently available to customers in the U.S. only, and will be applicable for conversions between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), 0x (ZRX), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Coinbase has mentioned that the feature will be rolled out gradually to all of the 34 countries where it provides its services.

  1. Coinbase now offers PayPal Withdrawals to Its Customers

Previously, Coinbase had also announced that it now allows its users to withdraw their funds directly to PayPal.

The service is once again currently only limited to U.S. customers, but it will be rolled out to other countries in 2019 according to Coinbase.

The feature also comes with the added benefits of no withdrawal fees or wait times.

This is by far one of the most important announcements that Coinbase has made in recent times, since it does not only provide users with yet another method to liquidate their assets, but in a way that is highly convenient and not offered by any other major cryptocurrency exchange.

Apart from these Christmas announcements, Coinbase has also made advancements in other segments such as the addition of new cryptocurrencies in the past few months.

In August 2018, the cryptocurrency exchange announced that has plans to add 40 new cryptocurrencies to its portfolio. As of December 2018, some of those assets have made their way to its trading desks and it will plan on adding more.

With these advancements, it seems that Coinbase is well on its way to making sure that its hold on the cryptocurrency trading world remains as firm as ever. Coinbase has to keep innovating and making things convenient for its userbase to keep up with new entrants and market changes.

2018 might have been a bear market for prices but companies are still building and and making it convenient for adoption and growth in the crypto-world.

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