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Hey guys, after such great feedback on my post ‘the best ICO opportunities for January & February 2018′, I have come across a great ICO that deserves a review: Boon Tech. I’m very excited about this one, so If you are looking for a great ICO opportunity with explosive potential then read my review on Boon Tech.

What is Boon Tech?


Boon Tech is a revolutionary platform for freelancers and employers based on blockchain technology. This is the first decentralized platform in the world in which both employers and freelancers receive rewards for working with the platform.


What problems are they solving?


When I invest in blockchain plays, I always ask myself what real-world problems does this company solve. If it’s none, then it’s a none starter: Boon Tech is not one of these companies. They are tackling real world issues which makes them an exciting opportunity for the early investor.


For example, in the job market place (which is a circa 1.4 trillion market cap economy) there is a dominance by a few global players who charge significant fees for their services. Boon Tech are looking to disrupt this.


In addition, Boon tech are taking on existing issues or credibility and modernisation within the industry. Poor systems of credible reviews mean recruiters are not linked up with the best talent. Outdated platforms lack the security needed in a continually digitised world leaving users open to identity theft. Blockchain is the perfect solution to these issues and Boon Tech are looking to capitalise on these gaps in the market


The Boon Tech  Platform


The platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with IBM Watson’s Big Five “intrinsic needs” to infer and match the finest professionals on the planet. Boon Tech dynamically eliminates the language barriers and delivers a level of service above and beyond what is already available in the market place today.


What makes Boon a powerful platform?


  1. It’s a AI powered platform which increases security and leads to optimal candidate matching outcomes
  2. Utilisation of a secure Escrow system
  3. It has blistering speeds (over 100 times faster than Ethereum)
  4. The AI technology bridges all languages making it a truly global platform


Check Boon Tech out below:


Why should you invest in Boon Tech?


There are many reasons why I think Boon Tech will be an excellent ICO to speculate on for making massive gains.


First, it solves real world problems in a sector that is booming. This can only lead to great financial outcomes for the early investor.


It has a tight and well planned out road map which looks to deliver real value in 2018.


The team behind Boon have massive experience across the tech sector in companies such as IBM, Oracle and Thomson Reuters,


The coverage on Boon in the media has been extensive. I always believe an ICO is a great play if it breaks into the more prestigious news outlets such as ABC, NBC and Fox.


All in all, I think Boon Tech is a great ICO play. If you have been following my previous tips on ICOs to invest in, then you should have done very well.  I’ll be taking some of my gains from AION and giving this one a shot. If you want to join me, then feel free to explore more on Boon Tech at the following:


Site : www.Boon.vc
Twitter : www.Twitter.com/BoonTechUSA
Telegram : https://t.me/booncoin


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