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About Me

by Crypto Coin Dude


Created in 2017, this blog is a place to learn about all things cryptocurrency and the disruptive technology, blockchain.


Why you should read my blog?


If you are want to learn more about blockchain, then you’ve come to the right place. On my blog, I will pass on all my learnings about crypto and give you the tools to make cryptocurrency work for you.

I write about: guides to crypto, Bitcoin, altcoins and much more.

I’ve been in cryptocurrency for over 3 years and have collaborated with some of the industry’s brightest up and coming stars.


A little about me


By day I’m a cost consultant; balancing the figures and crunching the numbers. A very handy skill in the world of cryptocurrency where fortunes can be made and lost over night. I’ve also been in tech for many years and a bit of a futurist.

Discovering blockchain has been a revelation.

Thanks to crypto I can afford to do things I could only dream of before. The only thing holding you back is jumping in and getting started. And I know this can be daunting!

It’s a brave new world for the taking and I want you to join me for the ride.

Feel free to dive right on into my blog and get started!