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13 Best Cryptocurrency Quotes by Famous People

by Crypto Coin Dude
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Best Cryptocurrency Quotes

Whether the cryptocurrency market is up or down, it’s always a source of great inspiration to take a moment to reflect on what some greater thinkers believe about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Without further ado, check out the best cryptocurrency quotes on this exciting and ever evolving FinTech landscape.

  1. “If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” – Satoshi Nakamoto
  2. “It’s money 2.0, a huge, huge, huge deal.” – Chamath Palihapitiya, venture capitalist
  3. “I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.” – Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal
  4. “Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives center, and that is why it is starting to take off.” – Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks
  5. “The Federal Reserve simply does not have authority to supervise or regulate Bitcoin in any way.” – Janet Yellen, former chair of the US Federal Reserve
  6. “I see Bitcoin as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions.” – Hal Finney, computer scientist
  7. “Since we’re all rich with Bitcoins … we ought to put some of this unearned wealth to good use.” – Hal Finney
  8. “I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.” – Professor Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize winner in economics
  9. “Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” – Marc Kenigsberg, the founder of BitcoinChaser.com
  10. “I love seeing new services constantly starting to accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin is really becoming “the currency of the Internet.” I’m most concerned by possible government reactions to Bitcoin. They can’t destroy Bitcoin, but they could really slow things down by making exchange much more difficult.” – Michael Marquardt, a co-founder of the World Institute of Action Learning
  11. “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.” – Bill Gates, the principal founder of Microsoft
  12. “Well, I think it is working. There may be other currencies like it that may be even better. But in the meantime, there’s a big industry around Bitcoin. — People have made fortunes off Bitcoin, some have lost money. It is volatile, but people make money off of volatility too.” Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Galactic
  13. “[Bitcoin] is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value…Lot’s of people will build businesses on top of that.” Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google

That’s it! These are my ’13 Best Cryptocurrency Quotes by Famous People’. Which one is your favourite? Why not leave your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear your views as strong opinions are not just reserved for the famous! And if you’re new to the cryptocurrency world, why not check out our quick guide to crypto words and phrases that you may need to know.

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