Omnitude reviewed: revolutionising ecommerce

Omnitude ICO


Hi guys! The popularity of my recently ICO review blog posts has been immense. And if you followed some of my tips and reviews you will have scored with some great ICO gains, I’ve recently discovered another great opportunity which deserves a second look: it has the potential to be massive. Read on to find out my latest hot ICO pick …Omnitude.


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A quick guide to Initial Coin Offerings and how to benefit

Initial Coin Offering

If you are involved in the cryptocurrency space, or you are looking to get involved, there’s no getting away from the trend of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Often lambasted in the mainstream media, the ICO has become the mainstay vehicle for blockchain projects to raise initial investment for their development. This post gives an overview of ICOS – the risk, the reward, and why you should be interested in this space.

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Top ICOs for February and March 2018

Picture of a Crypto Rocket


The bear market of January and February 2018 has tested the metal of every crypto investor and trader in the sector. Portfolios that have ridden high, have come down to earth with a bump. It’s easy to make money in a bullish market, but not so easy when the market is overtly bearish. These bearish markets, however, are where true crypto warriors are forged. Cheap opportunities are plentiful and positioning yourself for the inevitable market upswing is critical. It’s my opinion that ICOs are still the best method of speculating for wealth gain, so here are my top picks for the months of February and March.

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3 explosive ICOs for 2018 ready for blast off

Explosive ICOs


Hi guys, welcome to my latest blog post which will uncover 3 explosive ICOs for 2018 that are ready for blast off. The market place has seen a correction recently and now is a great time to get involved in some ICOs ready to hit the coming bull run. I’ve done the research and weighed up 100s of different ICOs so you don’t have to! Read on to find out which ones are my moon shots.


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How to Crush Your ICO’s PR

PR microphone


Though one might not guess it based on some of the rhetoric on the web, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are complex and challenging initiatives that put a range of business processes to the test… Beyond having a compelling project offering, clear communications and good advisors, any company seeking to raise money via a token sale can benefit from strong earned media coverage. The trouble is PR is hard. Doubly hard when you factor in the number of ICOs happening these days, the cynicism around token sales in the media, and the fact that the nature of an ICO means there is a very narrow window of time in which media can drop and impact the bottom line. Want to find out how to crush an ICO’s PR, then read on.


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Best Crypto ICO opportunities for January and February 2018 part II

Cartoon bubble saying top ICOs of 2018

At the end of 2017, I wrote a post on the Best Crypto ICO opportunities for January and February 2018. It was massive with over 300+ Facebook shares and I hope it brought to attention some of the best ICO opportunities out there for massive gains. Since then, there’s been a surge of new ICO opportunities and so I believe a part II post, highlighting the best of the most recent ICOs, is warranted. Read on to find out  top ICO picks.

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